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The last time l saw my Doctor , he agreed l could finish up on my Depression medication. He believes from what he has seen in me a great improvement in health.

He know puts it as Anziety Stress and will just check up on me in couple of weeks. Well l see him on Monday and one thing even tho he watches how l look and act. I,m only there for general Asthma checkup The Asthma has been bad with the constant changing of the weather.

But just last couple days Asthma had no been to bad. I have to admit l used medication in my cuboard that is somewhat out of date, but l was sure l still had bottle of up to date there when l spoke to my doctor.

Doing the wrong thing has not effected my health any that l know or feel. But l will on the ther ha and get rid of the old medication and let my doctor know of what l did for l am a honest person.

This brings me up to date on my health, last time l weighed myself l was between 64 &65 kg in weight this is not giving me any concern,plus my doctor has said nothing to the fact that he is worried about it.


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Hi There

Sorry not been on here of late, things have been getting to me lately. I have been listening to a few seminars and studying a really great mans book by Andy Shaw. The book is called Creating A Bug Free Mind. The Secret To Progress. Very Helpful Book. The Web address is http://www.ABUGFREEMIND.COM.



This book covers all areas of problems you could possibly having whether work related or Home,  etc. I should have finished it long while ago. But there is so many chapters I read over a few times. Because they were related with a lot of my problems.

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Progress 2017

Well it has been a long time since l added a weight update. But loosing weight is not an easy process.

Well l am saying l am  happy with the weight l have lost. I am now 65Kgs and it is staying stable on that weight.

l have to say l was 80kg at the beginning of 2016. I have to admit this loss of weight is not all due to watching the food  l have eaten.

l have suffered Depression for many years a friend of mine would understand what l was like before l got help.

With Depression your weight will slide one way or the other. You will either lose the   weight or you will end up with a binge eating problem to try cover how you feel.

At present l am getting weaned of the medication l was on because l was showing no signs of improvement. The only is the side effects l am having a few now and the strain of the brain playing games with you does not help you.

Anyway my weight loss l say is 99% the Depression. One  thing l must say you just cannot win with medication,you get side effects going on the Meds and going of it Is

a choice you need to make. Are you strong enough to decide whether you can handle this on your own, or trust your doctor in his choice of medication.

The choice In medication when you have a (Mental Health Problem) oh l cannot stand there term Mental Health. Any way not all up to the local doctor if your doctors see’s you need extra help he may call in a Counsellor or Psychologist or Psychiatrist..

well as you see I went off tract here but losing weight or gaining weight there could be more to it.  l will blog soon.









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Well it was weigh in day. The dietician still working hard to get me of cows milk and sugarine tablets but not successful. She is more than happy with the weight loss. Today weighed in a 75.75. the goal the dietitian and Doctor wants is me down to 68kgs. I cannot see a problem the way i,m going. The weather good and not hot so I should lose it all well before summer. I,m very happy with what I,m achieving Type more 28/8/2015.

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Feeling Positive

Well just updating how I,m going. I,m feeling a lot healthier than ever. Going on the losing weigh road was the best i could have done. I,m touching on 75kgs now and half way to my goal of 70kgs. Then   my  Doctor may want me me to continue to 65kgs. For my age the weight id generally between 70kgs and 65kgs. But I,m happy with what I have achieved already.

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My Weight Loss Journey

29-06-2015…… Everything going well.  Know 78.30 so the weight is going off me in a easy pace. Dietitian say losing a lot too soon is not healthy. As the Turtle said Slow and Steady Wins The Race. Well don’t want to race to lose weight, just exercise regularly, and keep check on what I,m eating. I sleep a lot better now. Go bed roughly same time each night. Plus try be happy in life.

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Feeling Good

Feeling good with the weight lose.I think its really going to my plan, I,m aiming to go from nearly 78kg to 70 by Christmas.But I,m feeling fitter every day and I am  exercising daily, I am eating in moderation.If I have a big meal at one meal I,ll lighten the next meal and exercise a bit more. The way I,m going I’am feeling healthier than I ever was. I,am pretty happy with the pass couple months of exercising. I was exercising before a doctor or dietitian. I know i have in the past felt comfortable the way I was. but buying bigger size clothes was waking me up. I see size clothes I use to be able to wear. But underneath I was ashamed off myself. But l have got over that feeling now and moving on and just concentrating on losing the weight..

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