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Well it was weigh in day. The dietician still working hard to get me of cows milk and sugarine tablets but not successful. She is more than happy with the weight loss. Today weighed in a 75.75. the goal the dietitian and Doctor wants is me down to 68kgs. I cannot see a problem the way i,m going. The weather good and not hot so I should lose it all well before summer. I,m very happy with what I,m achieving Type more 28/8/2015.

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Feeling Positive

Well just updating how I,m going. I,m feeling a lot healthier than ever. Going on the losing weigh road was the best i could have done. I,m touching on 75kgs now and half way to my goal of 70kgs. Then   my  Doctor may want me me to continue to 65kgs. For my age the weight id generally between 70kgs and 65kgs. But I,m happy with what I have achieved already.

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My Weight Loss Journey

29-06-2015…… Everything going well.  Know 78.30 so the weight is going off me in a easy pace. Dietitian say losing a lot too soon is not healthy. As the Turtle said Slow and Steady Wins The Race. Well don’t want to race to lose weight, just exercise regularly, and keep check on what I,m eating. I sleep a lot better now. Go bed roughly same time each night. Plus try be happy in life.

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Feeling Good

Feeling good with the weight lose.I think its really going to my plan, I,m aiming to go from nearly 78kg to 70 by Christmas.But I,m feeling fitter every day and I am  exercising daily, I am eating in moderation.If I have a big meal at one meal I,ll lighten the next meal and exercise a bit more. The way I,m going I’am feeling healthier than I ever was. I,am pretty happy with the pass couple months of exercising. I was exercising before a doctor or dietitian. I know i have in the past felt comfortable the way I was. but buying bigger size clothes was waking me up. I see size clothes I use to be able to wear. But underneath I was ashamed off myself. But l have got over that feeling now and moving on and just concentrating on losing the weight..

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My Challange

Over a month ago I got told to see a  Diaticain.So reluctantly I got refered to the dietician, Well we talked about food. The good and the bad. When I left her I thought I don’t really want to go back. I thought about it and thought yes I do need to lose weight.

Now I was 81kg before but lost some well before my doctor said anything. I dropped down to 79kg and now the journey begins to lose more weight. I have been seeing the Diatican now a couple of weeks last weigh in I increased weight to 79.55kg .She told me not to worry about it.

Well we started working on what I,m eating, well I was honest with it all. I had to do a list on what I had in  the way of food in a week, listing all the sauces and things like that food. The following week we went over it all and she pointed out the good and the bad and she mad a note of the good and the bad food down, then gave me a number of suggestions on what to eat in replace of some I had down.She also so gave me a journal to notes new things down and changes i have made.

Making changes is hard but I thought get on with it and do it. She asked me to do another list of food i had over a three-day period, I explained being the fact it was over a weekend the food does change some what. She understood that, but pointed out to try but different food or she cut  me back on some of it i had on the list so it was not making  me put on to many calories.

Well that roughly a months run down on the beginning for me to lose weight.My aim is to lose 9kgs by Christmas.Its a goal whether I can do it  we,ll see. I,m exercising,cutting down on food. Plus I,m feeling positive. I see the dietitian in a months time.

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