Working Towards Goals

Over the years of looking after my Autistic son I have become very dominate you might say because I am trying to get the best for my son. I find if you are to easy to get on with people walk all over you and I put up with enough of that in the past.

David he cannot talk for him self and he relies on Mum to get the help which he needs for him to live a happy fulfilled life. The on way to get things for him now a days is through the National Disability Scheme.

The preparation before you have your case worker come is important, you need to lay down all the needs of you child or adult to enable the right funding for them. I being David’s mum and nominee have to plan for David for that year.

I have to say for the last two years David’s funding has been good, its the putting it to work is the hardest part. the planning of his programs he has a the centre don’t always work. They seem to do what they want. Client cant talk we’ll do things our way. That is not fair on David.

One of the meetings we had had to put together activities David likes. That is all well and good you draw up the plan. Butt do the staff see this plan no its tucked away on file in a filing cabinet for the moths to view people wonder why I get angry. David needs to be stimulated so he enjoys his day of the week.
But its like same thing day in day out they have no imagination of what to do to give a entertaining day.

I sometime feel I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. The frustration and anger just builds in me, its my son I want for him to enjoy the life he has am I so wrong to want this for him. I wont give up I’ll fight for my son like so many others out the fight to give there disability members of there family the quality of life they deserve.img_0250

A friendly coment on rachelmankowitz Dog.

racheal dogA friendly comment about a lovely little dog.I just love her dog, so fluffy looking and white, A very pleasant manner about it. I have a dog like that, but mines a bit of a cross breed. So scruffy looking but the best protector dog I ever had. I wish my dog looked as nice as Rachelmankowitz, but then he would not look the little devil he is.This is my dog with my son David he just loves our dog Franklyn

Moving On

img_0241 I know I should not feel this way but I’am, but I feel lost and have a feeling of being left alone.
I know I shouldn’t. I’m married got one son still at home. But he to will be moving on in the near future to make a new start living with others and a full time carer. My other son packed up and headed up north to live, him and his family heading for new beginnings. There going to be too far for me to go see on a fortnightly visit like I use to do. I loved going to visit them and the grandkids. They were the closest family members I was able to see. Now gone. Maybe see them once a year like the rest. Leaves me so empty I love my family, Jeff was always there if we needed him. I miss all my family that are living up north in Australia. But there is always the contacting them on Messenger. I wish them and all the family well and all the best. I will miss you Damian and Lucas.

A Bible Reference,
I trust God in Faith,Obedience,Trust,Love.But you need to do works as well.
What does God mean by Good Works,
Does it mean Volunteer one self,
Or by your job in life.
I,m not sure how to answer this.
What sort of good works does God mean?

A Change in My Life

So much has happened in my life, Some may not understand the fact l have decided to go to church, but since when do l need there permission.l have studied enough to believe l was wrong in my believes about God and church. I know in my heart l have done the right thing by returning.

Plus if family don’t like it l don’t care it’s my life my choice.

The change in me and my life. I,m still Heather,the mother of my children who are all adults and enjoying there life, l’m. Still the wife to my husband. Nothing esle is different, still without local friends,but my friends are online. I appreciate them very much.

I have made a few friends in the church. But that’s not the same as a friend you can trust and enjoy one another’s company.I have know been going to church every Sunday for over two months now, but l truly wish all churches go back to the proper sabbath the Saturday, As Saturday is says in the bible.

Anyway l have been doing bible studies with quite a few places online and on one of the sites from Perth there is a lovely lady called Elizabeth she helped me with bible studies,books and one thing l have never had,that is my own personal bible. It makes it much better for studying.

During this time of returning to my faith l asked about Baptism and the church does not do that, but they will do a Confirmation, this will be great because it is one thing to be baptised as a child, but you do no t understand the promises they have made to God. Meaning your parents and godparents.

That is why l am getting my confirmation done. I want to be the one to let God know l have love faith and trust in the Lord.
Plus to obey Gods commandments to the best of my ability.
When the process starts for my confirmation l will add more to my site here.

Past and Present

Well it that time of year and the weather is changing and getting cooler, my kind of weather, mind you I don’t like it freezing cold like were two of my favourite people live. Only problem it makes for chronic back and neck pain, my doctor to the rescue. The meds he gave me should I hope help a lot. Moving along bible studies going well I,m really enjoying do this because it relaxes me no end. Some may not understand but we all need something or someone to turn to. Well I feel better with my bible and studies.

I don’t have a friend close by to discuss problems and some people just don’t want to know. So I get comforted by reading and listening to a bible session online. I have of late been doing My Heritage and it gets very interesting to do. But so far it all on my husband relations and ancestors, I hope something from my side in the near future when I get my DNA results back, that be in four weeks time they tell me. I cant wait.

I,am also into Astrology and I have contacted the hospital were I was born and spoke to the records department and they sent forms out for me to prove who I am. I filled out forms and posted them of, now the waiting game begins. I cant wait to get the information on what I need so I get my time of birth, then I can do more research with Astrology, without time of birth you cannot get exact reports done. The Art Of Patience now.

The Change

Finally yes finally I’m feeling better in myself, Yes one due to medication sorted and working and making me feel better in myself.
But the main thing making me feel better, happier is my faith.

Since I returned back to my faith slowly I started to feel different. It did not happen quickly, but as days went by I just had a increase of happiness inside me.

I know two close friends will be happy about this. They have prayed for this for a very long time. Plus I know a dear friend that passed away just over a year now she knew I had the faith in me. But I just could not admit it at the time.

I say thankyou to my dear friends overseas and thankyou to a friend that watches over me like my Mother does. Plus I think I had the Faith in me because of the wanting for a Bible. I have always since I was a little girl wanted to have my very own Bible. No one but myself and the lord knew about this.

When I was young and did go to Church I always had to borrow a Bible for Sunday School Studies this I did love, as well as to learn the Bible and attend Church weekly. We had fun in Sunday School it was not thrown down our throats to learn the Scripture. It was done in a very enjoyable way.

Well back to borrowing the Bible was hard, I felt different everyone had one but me. But the Minister always lent me one long as I took care of it.
I don’t know what happen but one Sunday School day it stopped suddenly, we found out one Christmas and we all were sad.

It was not till a later date we found out the backup minister died suddenly and it hurt us all and we all missed him. Not many of us went to Church after that. We found the Ministers message in the Church was to hard to follow. So I quietly put the Bible back on the Ministers desk. I never went to Church again after that day.

We were told how bad we are by our grandmother for not attending church, but she never set foot in a church unless it was a funeral.
Anyway life is better now I’m following in the right direction, and I have to say when I told my doctors he was really happy, he said I needed this and I agreed.
Yes I still have health problems that course me to have pain, but I’m able to handle it by reading my Bible doing my Bible Studies and Faith, Trust, and Belief by putting my life in The Lord Jesus Christ hands.

Feeling Lost

Have you ever felt lost in your own home. Not knowing what to do or how to do it. The feeling that all you have done in the past was a complete waste of your life. Yes ok you enjoyed some things. But were did it get you.
You only proved to people from the past what your really worth.
I explain! I was forever told no matter were I was or what I was doing my life would be a case of being a Wife, Mother, Housecleaner, Child raiser. With no other future ahead of you to gain a name for oneself.

Oh yes I did Certificates in the time I was a mother and even tried working the fields in which I gain certificates. But in some cases I could not bring myself to work fast like a robot and have no feelings for what I’m doing. That was not me in that particular job. I loved that kind of work, but rushing the things I had to do showed I had no respect for the people I was helping. Sticking to a time line all the time. In there eyes the people was just numbers, you did your job and moved on. Like that all day. I cannot working in that kind of situation.

There was only two jobs I really love working with Children and the Ageing Adults. They need more attention than what was given to them.
After all that I have done and tried to achieve in my life is all waisted and a pure waste of time. Well that’s what it feels like to me now.
Now I at a road of my family looking after them, with nothing in site to look forward too.

These days I put all my trust and Faith and Love in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Only he knows my future.


The last time l saw my Doctor , he agreed l could finish up on my Depression medication. He believes from what he has seen in me a great improvement in health.

He know puts it as Anziety Stress and will just check up on me in couple of weeks. Well l see him on Monday and one thing even tho he watches how l look and act. I,m only there for general Asthma checkup The Asthma has been bad with the constant changing of the weather.

But just last couple days Asthma had no been to bad. I have to admit l used medication in my cuboard that is somewhat out of date, but l was sure l still had bottle of up to date there when l spoke to my doctor.

Doing the wrong thing has not effected my health any that l know or feel. But l will on the ther ha and get rid of the old medication and let my doctor know of what l did for l am a honest person.

This brings me up to date on my health, last time l weighed myself l was between 64 &65 kg in weight this is not giving me any concern,plus my doctor has said nothing to the fact that he is worried about it.


Sorry not been on here of late, things have been getting to me lately. I have been listening to a few seminars and studying a really great mans book by Andy Shaw. The book is called Creating A Bug Free Mind. The Secret To Progress. Very Helpful Book. The Web address is http://www.ABUGFREEMIND.COM.



This book covers all areas of problems you could possibly having whether work related or Home,  etc. I should have finished it long while ago. But there is so many chapters I read over a few times. Because they were related with a lot of my problems.